Use Only Virginia Licensed Contractors

In order for homeowners to be assured they are receiving the best quality work for their money, it is necessary for them to use Virginia licensed contractors. There are many aspects of construction and remodeling that require a license to legally conduct business in Virginia and the license requirements will depend largely on the value of the work being performed.

There are three types of contractor licenses in the state: Class A license required for work costing over $70,000, Class B license for work costing between $7,500 and less than $70,000 and Class C certificate for work costing between $1,000 and less than $7,500. In order for Virginia licensed contractors to earn a tradesmen license they must complete 240 hours of vocational training within the field in which they want a license along with four years of practical experience.

Alternatives include having an associate degree and two years of practical experience, a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience or 10 years of practical experience. All classes and experience must have the approval of the Virginia Board of Contractors and will require successful passing of an exam.

Anyone hiring a contractor for home improvement or remodeling can rely on Virginia licensed contractors to perform the job with the quality they expect to see in the finished job. The licensing requirements are such that the so-called fly-by-night contractors are not welcome to conduct business in the state as a protection for the state’s residents.

These assurances are especially needed when contracting for electrical, plumbing or other types of work that could cause serious personal injury or property damage if performed with less than acceptable standards. Even if the home improvement company hired to perform the work is licensed, note that the work must be supervised by a worker that is licensed as well. When considering a contractor, don’t be shy about asking to see the license of the people performing the work on your home.

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