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General Contractors in Virginia Understand Effects of Weatherproofing

One of the most common methods of saving money on utility bills is to ensure your home is properly weatherproofed. Not everyone understands how that little breeze that blows under the door or though the small cracks in the window caulking can have a huge effect on the interior weather in their home. Some homeowners simply ignore those little annoyances 

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Why Is Proper Attic Ventilation Important?

The many benefits of attic insulation are well known, but the equally important benefits of attic ventilation are often disregarded. In fact, many VA homeowners are convinced that their attic should be completely sealed to cut energy costs, and it takes home improvement contractors in Virginia to tell them that good attic ventilation is just as important as good insulation. 

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5 Home Insulation Don’ts

Home insulation keeps your house warmer during winter and cooler during summer, helping you cut energy costs. But as any professional home improvement VA based company will tell you, it is crucial to consider carefully the type of insulation you pick, as well as where you put it. Avoid the following common mistakes: Do not try to stuff a space 

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