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Trim and Accents

Trim and accents essentially provide detail to the home and can be used as a means of highlighting a home’s appearance. Trim and accents include such things as:

Fascia – The board used to finish the tail ends of the roof rafters and provides a finished look to the roof line of the house. The gutters typically attach to your home’s fascia or are attached to the end of the roof with the use of hangers

Rake – The board that runs along the roof line on your home

Frieze – A board at the top of the home’s siding that forms a corner with soffit

Soffit – The area that spans from the edge of the rafters and extends to the sidewall of the house to give the house a finished or closed-in appearance. Soffit will also usually hold vent areas that allows air to flow through the rafters and into the roof joists to help the home’s ventilation.

Headers – Headers are installed at the top of windows and doors to provide for construction integrity and in most homes are not visible. However, depending on the style of construction headers may be used as accents for the home, especially in those that have open ceiling rafters.

Window and Door Trim – Used to finish off the areas around these items as well as to help prevent wind from blowing into the house. Siding on the outside of the house is trimmed close to the window or door and the trim provides a more finished appearance.

Dentil Molding – In the area where the exterior walls meet the soffit, whether on the straight line walls or on the gabled areas of the house, molding is often used to provide a finished appearance. Especially when the outer wall is made of brick, the molding closes any gaps between the wall and the soffit. Some use crown molding and others use a dentil (dental) molding that, as the name implies, resembles a set of teeth.

Shutters – Used to be a mainstay in home construction, and could be closed during inclement weather. However, today shutters are usually non-functional and are used only to add accent to the house and break up large sections of the exterior walls.


Materials We Recommend

The type of materials used on the home will also play a role in the appearance.  Sunshine Contracting will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages that come with the materials you can use and we can then add any trim or accent to your home. We have plenty of experience working on trim and accent jobs. When Sunshine Contracting does your trim work, we use only the highest quality products, including G8 High Performance Coil to cap your windows and doors.  In addition, we use color matching trim nails to create a seamless and clean look.  Click on the links below to read more about our coil and trim nails:

If you are in ArlingtonFairfaxPrince WilliamLoudoun or Stafford County, contact us for more information.

Our Process

Aluminum trim comes in rolls of coil and is available in many colors and can be bent using a tool called a break (pictured) that allows Sunshine Contracting’s installers to bend and cut the material for a custom fit. Our experienced installers can fit the metal over your existing wood and help seal the wood and adjacent materials from the weather. The cap is held in place by using aluminum nails available in the same color as the trim. Aluminum is used since it does not rust. In addition to capping your trim (facia boards, rake boards, window panels, etc) capping can be used on the trim around doors and windows to help preserve the wood for a long-lasting appearance without the need to paint. Quality caulking is then used to create a tight seal to keep out air and water.

Customer Reviews

At Sunshine Contracting, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We’re dedicated to the success of every project, and this commitment to excellence has helped us earn outstanding reviews from previous customers.

“The quality of their work has been excellent. They have demonstrated a commitment to doing things right and making sure the customer is happy with the result. Our experience with Sunshine Contracting's high quality and high value home repair/update products and installation services is why we continued to use them when we moved to our new home.”

Ed W.

“This was our first time using Sunshine Contracting for our home renovation needs. I looked at several different proposals, but ultimately chose Sunshine Contracting to update our siding/trim, gutters/downspouts and windows. To say that we are happy we did is an understatement..."ecstatic or thrilled" better describe our feelings about the end result. Sunshine Contracting provided everything that we expected and more.”

David B.

“I have used Sunshine Contracting several times with outstanding results. They are thorough, professional and responsive. That goes for their crews in the field as well as the people in the office. I will continue to call on them for my household maintenance in the future.”

Mark J.
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