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The Top 10 Best Siding and Trim Combinations

New siding increases your home’s energy efficiency and protects the inside against the elements. If you’re looking for new siding for your property, consider vinyl or fiber cement siding. These materials offer endless color options to enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its resale value. Your siding and trim can coordinate to give your house a coherent, seamless design. 

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Trim and Accents: How to Make Your Home Pop

Decorative trim and accents like molding, cornices and columns are stellar design elements that complete the overall aesthetic of your exterior and let your home stand out amongst your neighbors. When homeowners thoughtfully update their existing trim or select and install more contemporary trim options, you can experience a range of visual and performance benefits: Accentuates Existing Architecture: Every home 

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Guide to Exterior House Time – Types, Terminology & More

What makes historic residential communities so interesting is their wide range of architectural styles. You see a variety of designs ranging from high-pitched roofs on Colonial homes to low and wide overhangs on Craftsman bungalows. Tudor homes have a distinctive style. So do Cape Cods. All these American houses have entirely different shapes and curb appeals making them stand out. 

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What is Trim Capping? Advantages of Trim Capping

Does your home need an exterior repaint? Maybe it just needs touching up on the outside trim, especially around the windows, doors and eaves where the elements hit hardest. Painting any space can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Regardless of your location, your home’s wood siding or exposed wood trim is going to require ongoing maintenance. Properly installed and carefully 

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