Copper Gutters

Copper Adds A Unique Look

Copper gutters provide a unique look to the architectural design for homes and businesses and for many years it was one of the primary metals used for rain diversion. In its natural color, copper gutters stand out like many other metals cannot. If properly cared for, copper will retain its luster as it is not affected by water.

Copper gutters can be found in half round systems as well as in the most often used K style of gutters. Its gleaming finish stands out from the rest of the building greatly enhancing its beauty. Copper was used for several years but as the price escalated, other metals took its place in the construction industry.

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Soldered Joints Protect From Leaks

There are some advantages to using copper gutters, including the ability to solder any joints and not count on sealants to prevent leaks. Since the installation has to be performed using copper hangers and other fittings, it provides a distinct look to the building on which it is installed. By using soldered joints instead of using other types of sealants there is less of a chance for developing any leaks that can cause damage.

When installing copper gutters one of the important things to remember is not to mix metals within the system. Hangers, elbows and straps to fasten the downspouts to the house all need to be made of copper to ensure they do not suffer from oxidation by being in contact with other metals.

Choosing Experience and Quality Over Price

When looking into having a copper gutter system installed on a home experienced installers and quality material is at least as important as the price being charged. It takes a special understanding on how this type of system needs to be installed to ensure it lasts as long as it is intended. Not everyone will have the patience to install copper gutters correctly so the experience of the company becomes an important factor.

The materials used will also ensure the life of the system as some companies use a thinner copper sheet from which to form the gutters. This may be an advantage in lowering the cost, but it will also lessen the quality of the installation. This is especially crucial when the installation will contain numerous joints and downspout connections. Taking shortcuts on the quality of the materials can significantly add to the cost in terms of needed repairs and possible replacement sooner than should be required.

Customer Reviews

At Sunshine Contracting, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We’re dedicated to the success of every project, and this commitment to excellence has helped us earn outstanding reviews from previous customers.

“We were very happy that we chose Sunshine Contracting for our Hardie siding and gutter installation. Sunshine is one of the few James Hardie Elite Preferred contractors in the area, and they beat the other Elite Preferred installer by about 25 percent on their estimate. More importantly, Sunshine did an awesome job with the actual siding project, board and batten siding on a mid century modern Deck House.”

Tim Q.

“The quality of their work has been excellent. They have demonstrated a commitment to doing things right and making sure the customer is happy with the result. Our experience with Sunshine Contracting's high quality and high value home repair/update products and installation services is why we continued to use them when we moved to our new home.”

Ed W.

“Quality work and professional team. I looked around the Stafford area for someone that could replace two of my patio doors with quality doors and Sunshine exceeded my expectations, and trust me, I have very high expectations. Highly professional from start to finish. The gentleman that installed the doors was very meticulous and ensured every minuscule adjustment was perfect. I will use them again for any of my home's needs. Lastly, it is not easy to find quality contractors like Sunshine provides.”

Bradley G.
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