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Five Simple Reasons You Should Hire a Home Contractor Instead of Doing It Yourself

Owning a home comes with a significant amount of responsibility. You have to keep your home in good shape not only to ensure it remains livable, but also to make sure your investment retains its value. Of course, you can also enhance your home’s value by performing improvements such as putting in a new kitchen or adding new construction. However, 

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Guide to Exterior House Time – Types, Terminology & More

What makes historic residential communities so interesting is their wide range of architectural styles. You see a variety of designs ranging from high-pitched roofs on Colonial homes to low and wide overhangs on Craftsman bungalows. Tudor homes have a distinctive style. So do Cape Cods. All these American houses have entirely different shapes and curb appeals making them stand out. 

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Asphalt vs. Metal Roofs

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps you, your family and your belongings safe throughout all seasons. That’s why it’s important that you take your time in considering what roof material is the right choice for your circumstances. There are many benefits to asphalt roofs and metal roofs alike, but they vary in 

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When to Replace Your Windows

  We’d all love it if our windows would last forever, but sooner or later, those windows need replacing. Knowing when to replace windows in your home can be tricky, as they don’t always exhibit the traditional signs of wear like your roof or your carpet. You will also want to balance the benefits of new windows with window replacement 

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Three Ways Replacement Windows Will Save You Money on Your Monthly Bills

If you find that your windows are drafty in the winter and feel hot to the touch in the summer, your house may be the perfect candidate for replacement windows. While you can seal your drafty windows with caulking or by redoing the window frames, you can benefit in many ways by replacing old single-paned, non-coated windows with more energy 

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