Hardie Siding: FAQ’S

Here at Sunshine Contracting we pride ourselves on using the best products on the market for all of our projects. When it comes to siding, James Hardie products are hard to beat.

Q: Why do you use James Hardie siding products?

A: We want to make sure that the jobs we perform for our customers last for a long time, leaving them satisfied for years to come. Quality materials are one the surest ways to accomplish this, and for that reason for siding projects we choose to use James Hardie products. James Hardie cement fiber siding is beautiful, durable, and protective. Its one-of-a-kind formula enables James Hardie siding to withstand such extreme pressures as wind, hail, rain, and sun damage. HardiePlank is extraordinarily resistant to rot from natural forces, and does not attract insects like wooden siding. HardiePlank siding can even partially withstand hurricane and fire, enabling homeowners time to escape in case of a natural disaster. It is the safest, longest-lasting product on the market that still manages to look beautiful and radiant when new.

Q: Are James Hardie siding products green?

A: Industry professionals have dubbed HardiePlank a “green and sustainable” product, so unlike wood it does not leave the earth depleted of resources for future homes. Because of this, it is not only a conscionable decision but also one that adds value to any home on which it is installed, since green technologies are going to be increasingly important to buyers in the years to come.

Q: Is this cost-effective?

A: According to Remodeling magazine, re-siding a home is the absolute most cost-effective project a homeowner can undertake. It is one of the only projects for a home that affects every aspect of the home: appearance, safety, durability, and energy efficiency. If you could only do one project for your home, re-siding is the one to do, as it provides the best ROI of any project, and HardiePlank siding is the best product on the market.

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