General Contractors in Virginia Understand Effects of Weatherproofing

One of the most common methods of saving money on utility bills is to ensure your home is properly weatherproofed. Not everyone understands how that little breeze that blows under the door or though the small cracks in the window caulking can have a huge effect on the interior weather in their home. Some homeowners simply ignore those little annoyances but general contractors in Virginia can show how sealing up those small openings can save big on utility costs.

Door sweeps on all exterior doors and even foam tape on doors and windows can keep cold air out in the winter and keep warm air inside where it belongs. That cold air from a gap at the bottom of a door may be enough to tell your thermostat that the room is colder than it really is, causing your furnace to operate needlessly. Many general contractors in Virginia, especially when remodeling a home, will look for any signs that air can get in or out of a house and seal them to protect the home from heat loss.

Visually inspecting your door and window frames on the outside is the quickest and easiest way to determine if the sealing caulk around the frame has deteriorated. However, it is not advisable to simply caulk over the old sealant. It needs to be removed and the surface cleaned before new caulk is applied. Many general contractors in Virginia will provide this service and homeowners that are experiencing higher than expected utility bills may want to have one of the contractors in Virginia take a look to see what they can do to help.

Properly sealed exterior doors and windows not only help lower utility bills but they can also help eliminate space for certain pests to get into the house. In the spring, in some areas, ants can be real problem and appropriately sealed doors and window can deprive them of a mean of easy access to your home.

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