Ask a Home Improvement VA Contractor for an Expert Advice on Siding

If you get tired of painting your home every few years and are considering installing aluminum or vinyl siding you can ask a home improvement VA contractor about which material will work best on your home. There are several contractors in Virginia that are experienced in installing siding and they can explain the benefits of each and help you make the right choice for your home.

One thing to remember about siding is that they will expand and contract with the weather. For example, an aluminum siding panel, 12-feet long with expand about one-fourth of an inch when the weather gets warm. Conversely, it will contract the same amount when the weather gets cold. Vinyl siding will expand and contract more than aluminum so you will want a home improvement VA siding contractor with experience so the difference is not visible when the weather changes.

A reliable home improvement company will be able to assist you in your choice. If your home has small areas of exterior wall shorter than 18-inches for example, vinyl may not be the best choice. If installed in warm weather, when it contracts in cold weather it could leave a small gap on the ends. If installed in cold weather when the sun hits the vinyl it could buckle if there is insufficient room for expansion.

Another aspect of having a home improvement VA contractor installing the siding is the potential to have insulation and waterproof material installed behind the siding. Having a vapor barrier between the siding and the exterior surface of the home reduces the chance of mold or mildew appearing on the original wood exterior walls.

The extra foam insulations behind aluminum siding will not only provide more insulation to your exterior walls but can also reduce the chance of having the aluminum become dented if it is accidently hit by a child’s toy when they are playing too close to the house.

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