Progressive Foam Insulation

Progressive Foam FullBack Insulation

One of the premier companies in siding insulation, Progressive Foam, has created an entire line of products to serve the needs of anyone who wishes to install a secondary insulating barrier between the interior and exterior of a home.  They are the primary manufacturer of rigid foam insulation for vinyl siding products and have diversified their products lines to include siding insulation products for all other claddings.

Known as Fullback siding insulation, Progressive Foam offers a full line of products that can improve energy efficiency and enhance the appearance of any home.  It is contoured to fit the shape of the siding panel it is paired with and is installed behind the siding on site or can be laminated to some siding panels during the manufacturing process. Progressive Foam siding is also affordable and safe for the environment.

Progressive Foam also offers a different siding insulation product for each and every type of siding. Progressive Foam currently features four different Fullback insulation products, the Fullback CW, Fullback FC, Fullback S, and Fullback V. As denoted by the letters at the end of each name, these siding insulation options are specifically made for composite wood, fiber cement, steel, and vinyl siding. Each of these four Progressive Foam products is specially designed to fit the type of siding being used in any project, which creates a higher performing siding insulation barrier.

9 Reasons to Insulate New Siding with Fullback Siding Insulation:

  1. It Reduces Energy Consumption – adding Progressive Foam siding insulation to the exterior of your home will add R-value and improve the thermal performance of the wall system, reduce thermal bridging, and create lower rates of infiltration and ex-filtration.
  2. Manages Moisture – the Progressive Foam insulation will not absorb moisture and instead sheds bulk water from outside the home.  Fullback products allow water vapor generated from inside the home to pass through it, having a permeability rating of 5.0 compared to other insulation products typically ranging from 1.3 – 1.7.
  3. Protects Against Pests – the contoured Progressive Foam eliminates space for nesting and is also treated with Preventol EPS which protects against termites and is safe for both the installer and homeowner.
  4.  Enhances Appearance – Progressive Foam levels the wall under the siding thereby reducing wavy wall lines.  It also serves as an installation guide, ensuring that the panels are installed perfectly every time.
  5.  Creates a More Comfortable Home – by using Progressive Foam products, it will be easier to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home without having to adjust the thermostat.  It also helps to create a quieter indoor environment.
  6.  May Qualify for Rebates/Tax Credits – there are rebates and/or tax incentives through federal, state, local governments, even utility companies.
  7. Environmentally Friendly – Progressive Foam products are made from natural resources and actually saves natural resources over time.  The insulating foam recovers the energy used to make it in 50 days or less!  The insulating foam recovers the carbon used to make it in 2.6 years or less!
  8.  Contributes to Green Programs – Fullback is recognized by major Green Building Programs including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), and Energy Star for Homes.
  9.  Double Lifetime Warranty – all Fullback products are covered by the strongest warranty in the industry and has a double lifetime protection on energy savings, permeability, and moisture absorption.

There are several important ways that Progressive Foam improves the performance of any home. Its insulating capability reduces energy consumption. The foam’s thickness and complete covering ability prevents pests from getting into the walls while also providing moisture management. This means that it keeps water out, while still allowing interior water to escape.

The complete-covering capability of Progressive Foam’s Fullback line of products is also guaranteed to improve the look of any home. Because the products are specifically fitted to each type of siding, they force siding panels to be installed perfectly, creating symmetry and naturally straight lines. Progressive Foam also levels the wall under any siding, reducing the wavy look that is sometimes present with vinyl and composite wood siding.

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