Awning Windows

Get a New Angle on Your Home with Awning Windows

Awning windows can give a unique tilt to the look of your home thanks to their unusual opening style and wide variety of looks. The outward tilting movement of an awning window makes a home with even the most mundane of appearances stand out amidst all of the other houses on the block.

Awning windows get their name from the way they tilt upward and open at an angle over the rest of the window. The resulting position of the window is similar to the position of a traditional fabric awning that is placed over a window.

These types of windows can be opened in a number of ways. Some awning windows are opened by a crank that is turned to raise them upward. Other windows are simply unlatched and can be pushed open. The windows can be secured by a latch lock that is raised or lowered to lock or unlock.




Materials and Their Advantages

Awning windows can be constructed from a number of materials, each with their particular advantages. The windows can come in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and a combination of materials.

•    Vinyl – Vinyl can be inexpensive, long lasting, easily cleaned and can come in a variety of colors. Aluminum – Aluminum, like vinyl, is easily cleaned, resists deterioration and can be easily configured to fit any window.
•    Fiberglass – Fiberglass is lightweight, flexible, durable, inexpensive, and resists heat and cold.
•    Wood – Wood, a traditional material, can easily be painted to the exact color of your home’s existing color, is one of the strongest materials over time and is a natural insulator.
•    Combination Materials – Finally, combination materials, which are generally either a mixture of wood and plastic or fiberglass, are easily configured to any shape and are inexpensive.

Unique and Flexible Design

Homeowners will find that awning windows can fit into any house configuration due to their design versatility. The windows can be single awning windows, two or three windows positioned together or part of a larger configuration that includes a non-opening windowpane. The possibilities with awning windows make them suitable for a number of home design purposes.

The other benefit of an awning window is its unique design that allows you to open the window inclement weather and still get the benefits of fresh air. During a rainy day, for example, the window can be opened to allow fresh air in while keeping the rain out.


Like other window styles, awning windows can be coated with special sun-resistant finish that can filter out harmful UV rays that can not only damage your skin but the possession in your home as well.

Awning windows can be used all throughout the house, from the basement to the attic, and can add style and convenience to your home. If you’re considering replacement windows, consider awning windows.

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