Aluminum Wrapping & Vinyl Soffit

trim-processAluminum trim comes in rolls of coil and is available in many colors and can be bent using a tool called a break (pictured) that allows Sunshine Contracting’s installers to bend and cut the material for a custom fit. Our experienced installers can fit the metal over your existing wood and help seal the wood and adjacent materials from the weather. The cap is held in place by using aluminum nails available in the same color as the trim. Aluminum is used since it does not rust. In addition to capping your trim (facia boards, rake boards, window panels, etc) capping can be used on the trim around doors and windows to help preserve the wood for a long-lasting appearance without the need to paint. Quality caulking is then used to create a tight seal to keep out air and water.

When Sunshine Contracting replaces your soffit with vinyl soffit, we ensure that your soffit area is properly ventilated to help reduce heat buildup in the summer and ice dams in the winter.  If your home has a proper outtake system, then this new soffit system will operate as your intake system, and together they will create a properly ventilated home.  Soffit is installed using soffit j-channels up against the home and is secured to your fascia board with aluminum trim coil wrapping using Alside High Performance G8 Trim Coil.


Our Wrapping & Soffit Process

When you contact Sunshine Contracting to set up your free in-home consultation, our office will work together with you to find a time convenient for you for our Project Consultant to meet with you at your home. At the consultation, we will discuss your vision for your wrapping and soffit. After getting a strong understanding of your wants and needs for your home, our consultant will take measurements in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. When you decide to replace the trim on your home, there are many different options for you to choose from. It can be overwhelming for a homeowner, so we strive to give you as much information as possible and help guide you along the process to make it as easy and stress free as possible for you. After all, remodeling the exterior of your home should be an enjoyable process!

Once you decide to move forward with Sunshine Contracting for your trim, your Project Manager will give you a call and introduce themselves to you, as well as let you know of the next steps. Material is ordered first and once the material has arrived, we will call you to schedule an installation date. Depending on the size of the job, trim jobs, on average, take about 1-3 days to complete. When the job is complete, we will pick up and dispose of all trash and debris and leave you with a beautiful new exterior!

Our Wrapping & Soffit Crews

Our trim crews are trained and certified and take pride in the work they do! Feel free to ask any of our crew chiefs any questions you may have while on the job. Kevin, Juan, Gabino, and their crews have worked for Sunshine Contracting for over 10 years! In our opinion, they are the hardest working crews in the industry, often working from sunrise to sunset during the summer hours. Being part of the Sunshine Contracting Trim crew means that our guys do everything in their power to do exceptional work, worthy of being on their very own homes.

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G8 High Performance Coil Wrapping

Vinyl Soffit

Alside Charter Oak Soffit

Alside Charter Oak is one of the most beautiful and rigid soffits on the market today. Our crew chiefs and their teams are experts at installing Alside’s Charter Oak premium vinyl soffits, so you can rest assured that your home will be kept protected and looking its best.

Alside Charter Oak Soffit Brochure

Charter Oak Home Soffit Example

Quad OSI Caulk/Trim Nails

Sunshine Contracting uses the Quad OSI Advanced Formula Sealant for use on its windows, doors, and siding. The advanced formula can be used on exterior trim and for any number of applications without worry. Because of its advanced formula, the caulk can be applied to wet or dry surfaces in any temperature without risk of failure. The Quad OSI caulk even resists dust and dirt and cannot be washed away by water.

Once Quad OSI Caulk has cured, it can be easily painted to match the surrounding trim or siding. The recent edition of the Break-A-Way Seal, which requires no inner-seal puncturing, makes using Quad OSI Advanced Formula Sealant even easier.

quad osi caulking


G8 High Performance Coil Wrapping Colors

G8 Trim Coil Colors for Siding and Windows

Alside Charter Oak Soffit Colors

Charter Oak Soffit Colors



Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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