Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer – A Solid Choice 

Stone veneer may be a slight trick of the eye, but what a trick it is. The unique look of stone veneer can make it appear as if your house is a solidly constructed stone mansion and it can do it for a fraction of the cost.

Add a Bit of Drama to Your Home’s Appearance

Stone veneer may be the most unique of all the siding options due to its dramatic appearance. As the name implies, the siding has the look of stone blocks and, indeed, is made of actual stone. But the process used to create it results in a durable and lightweight siding material that offers protection and beauty.


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Appreciated for Its Longevity and Toughness

With regards to the elements, stone veneer can be a pretty tough barrier between you and the outside. When prepared in the proper manner (coated with a sealer), the veneer will withstand years of exposure. However, it is important to note that as with all stone, this veneer can be affected by acid as well, which means you should refrain from using cleaners with an acid base when washing the siding.

Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised at the dramatic “after” look of their home when they install stone veneer siding. Homes have a more solid appearance and in many cases go up in value when stone veneer is applied. And depending on the combination of the types of stones used, the home can take on a surprisingly wide variety of colors.



Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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