Professional Roof Replacement in Arlington County and Beyond

A comfortable, safe and energy-efficient home is important to your family. It allows you to enjoy your days and nights knowing you’re sheltered from the elements and can heat and cool without high monthly energy costs. An essential component of your home is a roof that protects you from rain, wind and snow, as well as offering adequate thermal year-round insulation.

If your roof is getting older and no longer performing the way it should, it’s time to contact Sunshine Contracting Corp. As a leading premium roofing contractor in Arlington County and beyond, we have provided quality roof replacement services for thousands of customers in Alexandria, Ballston, Shirlington, Clarendon and other local communities for over 20 years.

Building a Reputation Replacing Roofs

Our reputation comes from our dedication to exceeding the expectations of our customers. When it’s time to replace your roof, we always apply our same winning formula:

  • We start with a detailed inspection of your roof to estimate the cost of replacement.
  • Together, we choose the type and color of shingles you’d like from a wide selection.
  • Our experts explain the insulation benefits and different sound and moisture barriers we can apply.
  • We create a free quote that includes all costs and details for clear and straightforward communication.
  • If you choose us for your roofing replacement, we send our highly-trained crews to take care of the installation.
  • After installation, we do a thorough walk-around to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

We know your home is your castle. You want it to be well-insulated and protected — but you also want it to look great. Depending on your style preferences, we can match or contrast with your home for a unique roof finish that sets your house apart from the other houses on the street.

When to Replace Your Roof

There are no firm rules for when you need to replace your roof. It all depends on the quality of your original or previous roof replacement. There are a few telltale signs that your roof needs replacement, however:

  • If you discover loose or broken shingles.
  • If you have water leaks in your attic or ceiling.
  • If you notice flashing or soffits that have come loose.
  • If you find you have excessive heating and cooling bills.

These are all visible signs that your roof is in need of some attention. If you detect any of these signs, give our team here at Sunshine Contracting Corp. a call. We will inspect your roof and give you our expert opinion. Thanks to our experience in residential roofing, we know where to look and what to look for. We’ll tell you if we can simply replace your existing shingles or if we need to make any repairs to the underlying roofing structure and materials. Contact us today and we’ll get started on your roof replacement project to give you the comfort, protection, and energy savings your family deserves.

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