Half Round

Until the 1950s it was common to see half round gutters installed on homes, but since then they are primarily being used for restoration projects. However, they are also used in newer construction for those who want a specific appearance to go along with the architecture of their home or business. There are some benefits to using half round gutters, as well as some differences in how they are installed.

About Half Round Gutters

Typically, a half round gutter is used on homes with slate or tile roofs as well as with shake shingles to add to their appearance. The installation techniques make them ideal for buildings that do not use a solid fascia and will require installers experienced in this type of gutter to insure they are positioned correctly. Instead of hangers or spikes that are used for K style gutters, half round gutters require shanks attached to the eaves into which the gutter is positioned.

New half round gutters are available in a variety of colors, with white and brown being the most common.

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