Windows & Doors Processes and Installation Crew

Our Window & Door Process

When our consultant comes to your home to meet with you, we will evaluate your current window and door situation and speak with you to pinpoint what your needs are.  We will answer all your questions and help educate you on the products available in the marketplace and what best suits your needs.  Based on measurements, the window style you select, and the manufacturer, this will affect the price – we can go from a very affordable single hung window up to a a triple pane window with Krypton Gas, or a steel door up to a wood looking fiberglass door.  Once you choose to go with Sunshine Contracting for your window and door replacement, we will come out and measure your windows and doors to the eighth of an inch – the measurement is very important, and so is installation – these are two of the many reasons that customers choose us – we are consistent in our measuring and installation.  Windows and doors can typically be installed in one day approximately 4-6 weeks after a signed contract and deposit is received in our office.

Our Crew

Meet Lee and Seu!  Lee and Seu have been with Sunshine Contracting for over 10 years, and have been installing windows and doors long before that.  Upon arriving at your home, Lee and Seu will knock on your door and introduce themselves, as well as go over the work order together.  They will assess the job and area in order to determine where is best to start the installation.  They will remove their shoes when inside your home and are always respectful of your home!  One window and door is taken out at a time – this ensures that, on multiple day jobs, nothing is removed that cannot be replaced the same day.  When windows and doors are removed, this is when a true assessment of any rotten wood occurs.  After a window is removed, the new window is set and installed to manufacturer’s specifications.  Each window and door will be capped in Alside High Performance G8 Coil with 45 degree mitres in each corner using a brake machine (pictured to the left) that bends the aluminum.  On the inside of the home, Siroflex Caulk will be used.  On the exterior of the home, Quad OSI Caulk is used.  Lee and Seu truly take pride in the work they do and it shows!  Our window crew consistently gets rave reviews for both their installation, as well as their respect for you as the customer and your home.

Awards & Certifications

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