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If you live in Herndon, you’re not alone. Many of Herndon’s 25,000 residents take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy small-town living while still having easy access to downtown D.C., either for work or the occasional taste of city life.

There’s plenty to do in Herndon, from taking a stroll through the farmers market and enjoying parks and trails to golfing or just relaxing at home. When you do spend time at home, you want to enjoy durable windows that let in plenty of natural light while still protecting you and your family. If your current windows are reaching the end of their useful life or if you are ready for an upgrade, it’s time to call Sunshine Contracting, your trusted window company in Herndon.

When Is It Time for New Window Installation in Herndon?

Here are some signs that you and your home are ready for window replacement services in Herndon:

  • You’re not getting enough light: Over time, the quality of your windows can degrade, and one of the consequences may be that not as much light gets through. If you feel like you are not getting enough light in your home and your windows are old, it’s probably not your imagination.
  • You’re getting too much ultraviolet light: You can’t see or feel UV light, of course, but you can see its effects on your rugs and furniture. If the colors of your furnishings seem to be fading too quickly in a room that gets a lot of light exposure, excess UV rays may be responsible. You can deal with this problem by installing new windows with a UV-blocker coating.
  • Your energy bills are too high: If you are finding it seems to be costing you a lot more to heat or cool your home than it should, one reason may be your windows are poor insulators. Replace them with windows that have high R-value insulated glass to control energy costs.
  • Your home looks old: While a new coat of paint or a new roof can make your home look rejuvenated and new again, so can new windows. You may not realize it because you see your windows every day, but a brand-new set of stylish windows can make a tremendous difference when it comes to curb appeal.
  • Your windows are worn out: If your windows are cracked, sticking excessively or don’t close all the way, you have a real problem that could make your home vulnerable to the elements and potential intruders. Window replacement is the best way to fix this problem.

Sunshine Contracting Is the Window Contractor in Herndon You Have Been Waiting For

If you have been putting off getting new windows because you don’t know who to trust when it comes to window installation in Herndon, put it off no longer. Sunshine Contracting is a local, family-owned and operated company that has been serving northern VA for decades. We are a proud member of the National Association of Remodeling and an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau.

You never have to worry with Sunshine Contracting because we always send our own factory-trained and certified experts, never subcontractors. We stand behind our work with lifetime installation and labor warranties on all our windows.

Let’s Talk About Your Window Installation in Herndon, VA, Today

We’re extremely excited to match you up with some great new windows and would love to start by providing you with an in-home consultation at no cost to you. Simply submit our online contact form or call 709-935-4663 now.

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