Geometric Windows

Geometric windows give a world of options when you’re remodeling your home and looking for replacement windows. The exciting array of window shapes, sizes and even colors can give you almost endless possibilities.

As the name suggests, geometric windows can come in almost any shape and size, giving you numerous options when seeking a new look for your kitchen, foyer, bedroom or family room. That hard-to-fit space may be the perfect spot for a geometric window that can transform it from a dark corner to cozy, airy nook.

Geometric windows can, of course, come in almost any shape you can imagine – diamond, round, triangular, trapezoidal, etc. The only limits are the amount of space and your creativity. A geometric window can add twist to any décor and make your home a standout in the neighborhood.

In your home, there are sure to be many locations where geometric windows can add an artistic touch. Imagine a smooth arch over your front door, a circular window to add light to a laundry room, or a gently skewed rectangle that follows a flight of stairs and brings illumination to a hallway.

We offer window geometric window installations to residents of Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Stafford County and surrounding areas.


Why Use Sunshine Contracting to Replace Your Windows?

Geometric windows can be a unique touch for an older-style home or a dramatic focal point in a modern and contemporary design. A geometric window from Sunshine Contracting Corp can really set your home apart from all the other houses on your street, so be creative! We can replace existing windows with a new shape or create a new opening in rooms that are begging for a little more light and a lot more style.

We invite you to visit our Window Processes & Installation team page. You will meet with a project consultant and learn all about our Sunshine Contracting Window Installation Process. We want you to be confident choosing our team to replace and upgrade your home’s windows so you can benefit from the attractive style and improved energy efficiency of our lineup of geometric windows.

You might want to install several identical geometric windows along one wall of your home for a symmetrical look or opt for a multitude of shapes and forms for a custom look. You can even combine multiple geometric shapes, such as a group of triangles, to create a light wall that’s 100 percent unique to your home.

Geometric Window

Sunrise Geometric Shapes Windows – Sunrise Geometric Shapes Windows are manufactured from quality materials and offer impressive sealing against noise and heating and cooling loss. These energy efficiencies make these geometric windows as practical as they are attractive. You get draught-free sealing and protection against the elements for reduced energy bills. Sunrise windows are also designed to require little maintenance and will provide you with years of reliable service.

Additional Manufacturers

Additional Geometric Window Manufacturers Offered

In addition to Sunrise Windows, Sunshine Contracting also sells a variety of other manufacturers that make geometric windows.



Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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