Alside Fusion® Double Hung

Alside Fusion® Windows are designed to enhance your life. Fusion-welded sashes, insulated glass units and multi-chambered extrusions create a clean, elegant visual while minimizing time-consuming cleaning and upkeep requirements. This blend of beauty and convenience makes the Alside Fusion Double Hung Windows a clear homeowner’s favorite.

Features and Benefits of Alside Fusion Windows

Alside Fusion Windows are crafted with precise attention to detail and a big-picture view of what homeowners seek:

  • Superior energy efficiency: Designed to provide comfort and energy efficiency throughout every season, Fusion Windows are a cost-effective solution to reduce your heating and cooling bills year-round. Composite-reinforced interlocking rails and an insulated glass unit, along with glazing for extra protection, will enhance your home’s thermal defense.
  • Easy upkeep: Fusion Windows boast carefree maintenance, making it easier than ever for homeowners to keep their windows clean and clear. The premium vinyl mainframe and sashes are incredibly durable, with a superior capability to prevent rotting, splitting, corroding or pitting for a long-lasting seamless finish.
  • Enhanced functionality: Form and function come together with Alside Fusion Double Hung Windows. The window sashes tilt in to allow for convenient cleaning, while the sloped window sills create an automatic water drainage system. The window’s lift rails fully extrude for easy operation.
  • Enduring quality: Alside Fusion Windows are made to last, thanks to expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials and thoughtful design. Fusion-welded mainframe and composite-reinforced interlock add extra strength for a window that can stand the test of time.

Alside Fusion vs. Mezzo Windows

The Alside Fusion and Alside Mezzo Double Hung Windows both boast superior quality, elegant aesthetics and enhanced energy efficiency. Both window styles are popular among homeowners for their durable nature and weathertight advantages. The Alside Mezzo Double Hung Window offers several unique additional features, including a DefenseTek secure locking system for home security and a composite reinforcement system that allows for secure hardware mounting.

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Alside Fusion windows are available in white and beige. These color options are intended to blend effortlessly with your home’s exterior and interior decor and color schemes.


Contoured grids can add enhanced dimension to double-hung windows. Enclosure within the insulated glass unit provides easy access for cleaning. The Alside Fusion Double Hung windows come with three grid pattern options, including colonial, prairie and double prairie.

Alside Fusion Interior Grids

Additional Options

Additional features set Alside Fusion Windows apart:

  • Dual vents promote convenient ventilation.
  • Built-in force balance provides easy raising and lowering of sashes.
  • Protective double-barrier weatherstripping effectively blocks noise, dirt and air infiltration.
  • A beveled exterior profile enhances the elegant aesthetic of the windows.
  • A hidden track screen emphasizes the clean, simple lines.

Brochure & Warranty

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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