Choice of Trim and Accents determines Curb Appeal

When people drive past your house there are a few areas they see that determine their immediate opinion of the house. Regardless of the size and design of the house, the trim used can make the house more appealing or make it seem like an unattractive building in which people just happen to live. Appearance, however, is not the only job trim performs as the right trim used correctly will also have insulating qualities that help in both cold and hot weather.

Other Information

Trim and Accents Serves Several Purposes Including:

• Practical use
• Appearance
• Saves energy
• Adds to the design
• Provides finished look

When Sunshine Contracting does your trim work, we use only the highest quality products, including G8 High-Performance Coil to cap your windows and doors. In addition, we use color matching trim nails to create a seamless and clean look.

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Practical Use

Practical Use
No matter how close a fit the contractor makes when doors and windows are installed, there will be a slight gap between them, and the walls into which they are built. Window trim has the practical purpose of closing that gap and stopping bugs and other critters finding their way into your home. Additionally, those same small animals could find their way into the home’s interior walls and cause damage inside and out.



In addition to keeping weather, bugs and animals out of the home, trim adds to the cosmetics of the home and can provide a finished look to the area where the exterior walls meet the soffit or gables. It is used to close any gaps in those areas, similar to the trim around doors and windows.

Saving Energy

Saving energy is a big deal with the price of energy continuing to escalate, and exterior trim can close off leaks that let warm air out of the home and allow cold air to enter. Typically, trim around doors and windows will be stuffed with an insulating material to stop air from blowing through the gaps. In the summer when air conditioning is in use, it can help reduce the cost of cooling the home.

Adding to the Design

A home’s design is often completed with trim and accents and without it, many houses would simply resemble small boxes with a few holes for windows and doors. Trim and accents for your home can be used to make the home appear more friendly and complete and can be used to effect the appearance of its shape and size.Trimming windows, doors, or even the trim moldings are available in many sizes and if chosen correctly, will add to the aesthetics of the home. Larger homes can use larger or wider trim pieces to help the windows, doors or soffit become more pleasing. Using thinner trim on larger homes can make the house appear unfinished. Same goes for smaller homes fitted with trim that is too large.

Providing a Finished Look

Creating a finished look to the home is the goal of the exterior trim and the colors chosen should complement the color of the home. Sunshine Contracting trims with aluminum in order to provide years of protection and to reduce the frequency of painting.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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