Siding Accessories

Alside Siding Accessories

Alside provides a number of siding accessory options in their Exterior Accents collection of products. These range from various mounting blocks to hose bibs, which are the perfect decorative and functional accessory for any water spigot.

Alside mounting blocks, also referred to as light blocks and recessed blocks depending on their desired use, have a one-piece hinged ring and a rounded edge frame. Among other things, these can be used with light fixtures, doorbells, fans, and mailboxes.

In all cases, Alside siding accessories are created for durability and beauty. They are available in a wide variety of colors that can complement the siding color of any home.

To read about our Sunshine Contracting Siding Installation Process and meet our Installation Team, visit our Siding Processes & Installation team page!  Meet Robbie and Jose and learn about how your siding is replaced.

Other Information

Light Blocks
Light blocks are decorative, yet functional, pieces. They are the mounting material for any exterior light. Sunshine Contracting offers several types of light blocks and in matching colors so you can match the color of your siding, or pick a different color to create a great contrast.
Hose Bibs
Hose bibs are very similar to light blocks in that they are functional and decorative. They are essentially a covering for the spickets around your home that allow you to expose the picket only.
Recessed Blocks
Recessed blocks sit within the siding and do not stick out, much like recessed lighting within a home, and allow you to insert things such as an electrical outlet.

Gable Vents
Allow air to flow to thehome and are necessary for ventilation, fully functional gable vents are something that should not be overlooked by any homeowner.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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