Siding Accessories

When replacing the siding on your home, there are a number of siding accessories that will also need to be replaced and go hand in hand with siding replacement. These accessories range from house wraps, to insulation, to shutters and gable vents, Fypon headers, and various mounting blocks. These accessories are created for functionality, durability, and beauty.

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Housewrap is a material used to protect your home and functions as a weather-resistant, breathable moisture and air barrier. It prevents rain from getting into the wall while at the same time allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior.


James Hardie HardieWrap

When installing James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, Sunshine Contracting always uses James HardieWrap Weather Barrier. It is specifically engineered for use with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding and provides water resistance and breathability, and also prevents mildew and reduces energy loss.




Premium GreenGuard RainDrop

Kingspan Greenguard RainDrop WrapWhen installing vinyl siding, Sunshine Contracting uses GreenGuard’s RainDrop House Wrap.  We use this as an air and water barrier, as well as a drainage medium.  RainDrop has drainage channels that help keep the water away from your walls and also is a breathable material that allows moisture vapor to escape.




Tyvek Tape Around Windows and Doors

tyvek-tapeWhether we are installing James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding or vinyl siding, Sunshine Contracting always uses Tyvek Tape to seal around all windows and doors in siding areas for proper water tight flashing – this is done after the installation of the house wrap. We ensure that your home is as weather resistant and leak free as possible.


Whenever you replace your siding, you should always evaluate the insulating value of your home. This is a great time to add insulation to increase the energy efficiency of your home. At Sunshine Contracting, we offer a variety of insulation choices to put behind your siding. As a Progressive Foam Preferred Partner, this allows us to offer the most exclusive and top of the line warranties in the industry for siding insulation products.

Progressive Foam ProFold1/4″ & 3/8″ Progressive Foam ProFold Fanfold Insulation

As a Progressive Foam Preferred Partner, Sunshine Contracting offers the option to install ¼” or 3/8” FanFold Insulation behind your siding. ProFold Fanfold insulation is a professional grade insulation that can help you create a more comfortable home and can provide an R-Value of up to 3.0 and will help level the wall for improved appearance of your siding.

Progressive Foam Premium Fullback Thermal Support System

Sunshine Contracting also offers Progressive Foam’s Premium Fullback Thermal Support System. This is a contoured insulation system that completely fills the gap behind the siding and serves as a shock absorber to protect your vinyl siding. It not only adds R-Value of 2.0 – 3.5, but also has a perm rating of 5.0 to allow moisture to escape and reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth.

Progressive Foam Fullback Thermal Support under Siding Progressive Foam Fullback Thermal - Side View


Centuries ago, shutters were functional items used to shut out wind and inclement weather and protect windows during heavy storms. Today, shutters are used more in an aesthetic sense and help add character to your home. They are available in Raised Panel, Louvered, and Board and Batten. Check out our shutters page to see our full product offerings.

Raised Panel
Raised panel shutters, as seen below, consist of a frame and a single panel to make up the shutter and when hinged to close can offer protection during storms as well as close out bright sunlight to protect interior carpet and furniture from the ultraviolet rays. They can also help cool the home during hot summer months by blocking out the sun that can add heat to the interior of the home.

Louver shutters often contain several louvers that run horizontal to the window and serve many of the same purposes as panel shutters.

Board & Batten
Board and batten shutters, ideal for certain designs, consist of vertical boards with a batten near the top and bottom of the vertical boards for strength and stability.

Colors Available

Accents & Gable Vents

Light Blocks
Light blocks are decorative, yet functional, pieces. They are the mounting material for any exterior light. Sunshine Contracting offers several types of light blocks and in matching colors so you can match the color of your siding, or pick a different color to create a great contrast.
Hose Bibs
Hose bibs are very similar to light blocks in that they are functional and decorative. They are essentially a covering for the spickets around your home that allow you to expose the picket only.
Recessed Blocks
Recessed blocks sit within the siding and do not stick out, much like recessed lighting within a home, and allow you to insert things such as an electrical outlet.

Gable Vents
Allow air to flow to thehome and are necessary for ventilation, fully functional gable vents are something that should not be overlooked by any homeowner.


Fypon is the leading brand of decorative moulding and millwork and offers a large variety of products including window and door trim, mouldings, decorative millwork, louvers and gable vents, balustrade systems, and porch posts, columns, and wraps.  These polyurethane products perform extremely well due to urethane being a closed-cell product, thereby rendering it resistant to moisture, rotting, warping, and insects.  Fypon products perform better than wood products because they are high density and virtually maintenance free.  Fypon products install easily and resist insect infestations.  Use Fypon products today to customize your windows and entry ways!

To read about our Sunshine Contracting Trim Installation Process and meet our Installation Team, visit our Trim Processes & Installation team page!

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