James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in Barcroft, Virginia

Living in Barcroft, you enjoy the quaint family life. With excellent public schools, plenty of coffee shops, and gorgeous parks, the scenery alone makes you feel at home. Your home should echo that sentiment as well, and the exterior plays a significant part in making your guests feel welcome. 

As a homeowner, replacing your exterior siding presents many options. If you’re ready for a remodel, choosing between the style, color and material can seem challenging. Vinyl is inexpensive, the stone is sturdy and the wooden siding is alluring. Fiber cement is a fourth option that takes all the outstanding qualities of other materials and bundles them into a single product. 

Fiber Cement: The Basics

The average fiber cement siding formula contains sand, water, wood cellulose fibers and Portland cement. James Hardie includes silica in their mixture to increase its strength. These ingredients are standard, naturally sourced materials, and this mixture creates a uniquely strong product ideal for housing exteriors.

James Hardie has branded itself as the leading supplier of fiber cement siding. They have perfected their siding by focusing on a single material, making their company a staple brand for fiber cement. Invest in specialized siding for a high return on your investment. 

James Hardie siding comes with a 30-year nonprorated warranty. ColorPlus color adhesive and James Hardie trim have15-year warranties. 

Why Choose James Hardie Siding in Barcroft 

Consider any potential challenges before choosing a siding material for your home. Fiber cement is valuable for several reasons.

1. Fiber Cement is Durable

When you invest in an exterior remodel, you want to enjoy the finished product for as long as possible. Fiber cement outlasts other siding options. It’s less likely to chip, crack, peel or warp. With Virginia’s climate, having siding that can endure hot summer days and cold winter nights is imperative. 

In terms of maintenance, James Hardie fiber cement is a low-effort option. We suggest cleaning your siding once or twice each year, depending on the amount of pollen and dirt that naturally clings to your house. You can use a soft siding brush and a garden hose to wipe off any buildup with ease. If your home has high or hard-to-reach areas, use a gentle pressure washer on your siding for a pristine appearance. 

2.You Can Customize Your Home

James Hardie offers hundreds of different color options. Their unique ColorPlustechnology bakes color into the cement, so it withstands the elements. Other bright siding fades after repeated sunlight exposure, but James Hardie stays vibrant for years.

With HardiePlank, HardieShingle and HardiePanels, you can match your siding to your home’s aesthetic. HardiePanel creates the perfect rustic look. HardieShingle is ideal for a cottage-style home. You can paint fiber cement like any other siding if you wish to change the color later on. 

3. Your Exterior Helps With Disasters

Because of its durability, the strength of fiber cement extends into disasters. James Hardie siding is flame-resistant. If you experience a fire, you can focus on finding safety for your family. 

In natural disasters such as hurricanes, James Hardie siding can withstand violent winds and rain. Unlike other materials, fiber cement can tolerate exposure to excess moisture without taking damage.

Your siding choice should serve multiple purposes. When you choose Sunshine Contracting as your James Hardie siding company in Barcroft, VA, you can enjoy enhanced comfort and curb appeal. 

Your James Hardie Siding Contractor in Barcroft 

Often, replacing your siding yields better results than performing frequent repairs. At Sunshine Contracting, we complete HardiePlank and HardieBoard siding replacements in Barcroft to update your home’s exterior. 

Sunshine Contracting is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor that serves Arlington County. Our team attends annual recertification and training to keep ourselves up-to-date with fiber cement procedures and technology. James Hardie selected us to represent them, so we know how to install their siding to make it last.

If you’re ready to remodel your Barcroft home’s exterior, contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation. We can help you actualize your dream home with our team of licensed professionals. 

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