Green Guard RainDrop House Wrap

Using patent-pending technology, Green Guard has created one of the most energy efficient ways to channel water drainage and prevent water from entering the walls of any residential property. With built-in drainage channels, water is guaranteed to drain no matter how tightly the cladding is nailed to the wall of the building. In large part, this is because the draining channels do not crimp, collapse or flatten.

Further, unlike some other house wraps, Green Guard’s RainDrop house wrap prevents all water and air from permeating its barrier. This is because the wrap is not perforated in any way. Even more impressive, though the wrap is not perforated, its use of extruded polystyrene material still allows moisture to escape from the interior.

Other Information

The installation of RainDrop house wrap is also faster and easier than typical housing wraps. The extruded polystyrene material that is standard for all Green Guard insulation products is tear resistant, which decreases waste and prevents the small installation mistakes that are common with less flexible materials. Further, there is no need for rapid job completion once the RainDrop wrap is installed because it remains UV-stable for up to four months. This means that sun damage will not occur during a prolonged or delayed construction phase in which the product is exposed to the elements. While not suggested, this is still a benefit of the RainDrop technology.

Because of all of these amazing eco-friendly features, RainDrop house wrap is an excellent secondary weather barrier for a variety of sidings. These sidings can include but are not limited to: vinyl, wood and fiber cement.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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