Rotary Turbine Vents

Combining the best elements of the power vent and the louver vent, rotary turbine vents forcefully draw hot hair and humidity out of the attic but do so in a “green” way – powered by the wind itself. Homeowners who are concerned about the environmental impact their house is making are finding non-electric rotary turbine vents the solution to their specific home ventilation needs.

Rotary vents work simply by the natural forces of the air and wind around us. All it takes is a breeze (of at least five miles per hour) to help the rotary turbine vent to do its job. The slight breeze catches in the specially-shaped vents on the rotary turbine vent and turn the top of the vent. As it does so, it draws out hot air and humidity, keeping your home cool. And it does so non-electronically, keeping your energy costs low while utilizing the power of the wind.

Master Flow Rotary Turbine Vents

Among the options available with rotary turbine vents are:

Master Flow Rotary Turbine Vents are an environmentally-friendly, economical way to vent your home using the natural forces of the wind. As the slightest of breezes catch the specially-formed vents, the turbine vent turns and draws out hot air and humidity, keeping your attic and whole house cool. Master Flow rotary turbine vents used patented ball bearings to allow the vent to turn effortlessly and quietly. The two-piece construction of the Master Flow rotary turbine vent allows it to be used on pitched roofs (from 3/12 to 12/12 in pitch). The rotary vents come in galvanized steel or aluminum and can be painted in several available colors.

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Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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