(Cobra) Ridge Vents

Imagine a home without proper ventilation. Stagnant, stuffy, musty. A home without a lack of good, healthy airflow can be a slightly suffocating experience.

You might have experienced the effect of improper ventilation after coming home from a vacation. You securely lock all of the doors and windows but when you return and walk in the front door, your first thought is usually to open a window and let in some fresh air. That is a minor but valuable lesson in the importance of ventilation.

But even if you aren’t on vacation and away from home for a week, ventilation is still important to maintaining a comfortable home. The proper flow of air can not only bring in a healthy supply of oxygen into a home, but also serve as an inexpensive form of air conditioning, cooling your home and helping you cut your electrical bills.

But to properly ventilate a large home, it takes more than just cracking a window. It takes a precise system of vents and ducts that can maximize the flow of air throughout your home and bring freshness to even the most remote corners of your house.

One of the most important areas requiring ventilation in your home is the attic. Because heat rises, the attic can be one of the most overheated rooms in your house. Not only does the heat from lower floors (generated by ovens, appliances, the sun, even your own body), rise upward to the attic, but the sun’s rays pounding your home from the outside also can heat up an attic. Add proper ventilation in the form of a vent to let the heat out and fresh air in and you can cool off your home easily and efficiently.

There are several attic ventilation systems available including:

(Cobra) Ridge Vents

A ridge vent is a ventilation system that many home improvement professionals believe to be the most efficient home venting system you can own. A ridge vent runs the entire length of the peak of the roof on a house and deftly blends into the design of the roof. The vents allow the heat and hot air that rises in your home to the attic a place to escape. The result is a cooler home in the summer with minimal need for air conditioning. Cobra ridge vents by GAF are a properly balanced vent system that can not only give excess heat a place to escape but allow excess moisture a place to escape as well. Also, by eliminating heat build-up inside your attic you prevent it from combining with the heat coming from the outside to prematurely age your roof and contributing to possible root rot.

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