Tiger Paw

Tiger Paw Underlayment

A number of features make Tiger Paw underlayment the ultimate in quality roof deck protection. As all underlayment should, Tiger Paw provides an additional layer of breathable protection between the shingles and roof deck. Tiger Paw provides long-lasting leak protection, reduces interior moisture and helps shingles lay flat.

Tiger Paw underlayment is specially designed to control moisture. According to the manufacturer, Tiger Paw can remove two times more moisture from a roof deck as the leading synthetic underlayment. This helps prolong the life of your roof and prevents the growth of dangerous molds. It can also prevent moisture from damaging items that are stored within attic spaces.

Tiger Paw underlayment can also play a major role in ensuring that your roof continues to look good from the exterior. Common felt underlayment can wrinkle or buckle over time. When this happens, the exterior shingles can take on the same wrinkles. Tiger Paw will not buckle or wrinkle, so your shingles always lay flat.


Other Information

Tiger Paw underlayment also offers homeowners the option of a lifetime limited warranty, which is available when installed with Lifetime Shingle roofs.

Installers also prefer Tiger Paw underlayment. Its surface prevents slipping and improves workers ability to maneuver with risk of falling. The construction of Tiger Paw, which is synthetic and not woven like most felt underlayment, ensures that it will not easily tear but can still be easily cut to size.

Tiger Paw underlayment has been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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