Ice and Water Shield

GAF offers several Ice and Water Shields that serve as increased protection from the elements in vulnerable roofing areas. While it may seem unnecessary to add this extra leak protection, there are several benefits to these products, which can be especially valuable in harsh weather climates.

Ice and Water Shields provide extra protection from wind-driven rain, which can leak through the roof deck and cause serious structural roof damage. These shields can also prevent melting ice and snow from seeping into the interior of any structure. Called ice dams, this melting ice and snow can cause serious problems if a roof is not properly protected. Further, unlike many other types of underlayment, these GAF products ensure a total waterproof seal. This can prevent a myriad of problems associated with leaking, such as the staining of interior walls and ceilings.


Other Information

Ice and Water Shields can also be installed without affecting the exterior look of the home. Because they are reinforced with fiberglass, these products do not buckle or wrinkle. Other products, such as some felt underlayment, can wrinkle and cause shingles to do the same. This negatively impacts the exterior of the home.

Installing GAF Ice and Water Shields is also far less complicated than the processes involved for many other similar products. A specially designed release film peels off in standard size sections, which allows quicker installation. These products also feature a limited warranty that coincides with the warranty on any GAF shingles that they are applied under.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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