TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles

TimberTex Premium Ridge Cap Shingles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a distinctive architectural look and multi-layer shingle protection.

TimberTex Ridge Caps can provide homes with a high-quality alternative to cut up strip shingles, which often serve as ridge caps. Using ridge cap shingles also provides extra protection at the areas that are often considered the highest stress areas—ridges and hips.

Other Information

Any homeowner who is looking for a distinct decorative and practical roofing solution should look no farther than TimberTex Ridge Caps. Designed to be nearly twice as thick as a normal strip shingle, each ridge cap provides depth to any roof. Unlike shingles that have to be cut to fit the ridges, ridge caps are perfectly designed for a perfect fit every time. This eliminates time spent cutting shingles as well as waste. Like most other GAF roofing products, TimberTex Premium Ridge Cap Shingles also feature DuraGrip Self-seal Adhesive. This adhesive is factory applied to each ridge cap shingle and ensures that each shingle stays tightly on the ridge. Unlike other messy adhesives, DuraGrip Self-seal Adhesive doesn’t require mixing and is non-toxic. Tests have also shown that GAF DuraGrip Adhesive reduces the risk of shingle blow-off, even in inclement weather. All TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles feature a limited lifetime warranty when they are installed on GAF Lifetime Shingle roofs. TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles are also preferred by roofers. The factory perforation makes it easy for hand tearing, which saves time and reduces the dangers involved with cutting shingles while on a roof.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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