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For a Unique Look of Your Home, Try Slate Roofing

In one form or another, slate roofing material has been a feature in the construction of housing ever since man decided to put a roof over his head. Serving as both a protective feature and a design element, slated roof comes in a variety of styles and materials that make it a welcome addition to almost any home.

Slate is traditionally a thin veneer of stone that has been shaved from a larger piece of stone, also called slate. Individual sheets of slate are joined together with other pieces to form a protective barrier on the roof of a house. Because slate has a low rate of water absorption, it serves as an excellent material for a roof that is exposed to the elements. Originally, it was a common feature of houses in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom, but it has since become a popular option for houses in the United States because of its ability to give a home a distinctive look.

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In addition to its distinctive look, slate has a durability that is virtually unmatched by any other roofing material. There have been reports of slate roofs that have been placed for more than 100 years. Slate is also fire resistant, which gives it a unique level of safety as well. And natural slate is an environmentally friendly product because it eliminates the waste generated by manufacturing, for instance, asphalt shingles and, because it lasts a long time, eliminates the need to find a way to dispose of the old roofing material and expend energy to create new roofing material.

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As a way to offer customers a low-cost alternative to natural slate roofs, home improvement professionals have frequently suggested manufactured slate roofing material, which is a man-made product that mimics the look and some of the benefits of natural slate. In addition, manufactured slate has some unique benefits of its own that are not available even with natural slate.

In addition to price, manufactured slate is generally lighter than stone slate, which means it’s much easier to handle when installing. Also, because of its light weight, manufactured slate doesn’t need special reinforcements installed on the roof to hold it in place and keep the roof intact.

While natural slate offers several color options, there are even more color options available with man-made slate, which means you can tailor the color of the roof to match the rest of your home. Having several color options also means that you can create a unique pattern on your roof with alternating slate, giving it an even more unique look.

Both natural and manufactured slate can be fashioned into different shapes. This feature can also help create a unique look for your home, even if other homes in your immediate area also have slate roofs. Your particular taste and design preferences can help your home make the impact you want.

Consult with a home improvement professional to find out the possibilities that are available when you choose natural or manufactured slate roofing material.

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