Seal-a-Ridge Ridge Cap Shingles

Seal-a-Ridge Protective Ridge Cap Shingles from GAF are designed to provide a high-quality alternative to placing cut shingles as ridge caps. Seal-a-Ridge shingles guarantee secure protection at hips and ridges.

Other Information

All Seal-a-Ridge Protective Ridge Cap Shingles feature patented DuraGrip Self-seal Adhesive technology. DuraGrip Adhesive, which is factory-applied to each shingle, helps to hold ridge caps tightly on the roof’s ridges and lowers the chance of blow-offs. These shingles are also machine cut, which results in far straighter lines in comparison with shingles that are cut to fit ridges during installation.

Seal-a-Ridge Protective Ridge Cap Shingles are also offered in a large variety of colors that can be matched to most shingled roofs. These shingles, which are thicker than typical strip shingles, create a depth that is atypical of most ridges. Therefore, many homeowners use Seal-a-Ridge shingles as more than just protection; they can also make an architectural statement.

All Seal-a-Ridge shingles have a StainGuard Warranty, which guarantees that the ridge caps will not form algae, which is common with ridge caps, especially in humid climates. These shingles can also have a limited lifetime warranty if they are installed on GAF Lifetime Shingle roofs.

There are two types of Seal-a-Ridge Protective Ridge Cap Shingles: the Standard Seal-a-Ridge and the Seal-a-Ridge ArmorShield. While similar, the ArmorShield product is Class IV impact resistant and comes in larger bundle sizes. The ArmorShield product can be especially beneficial in areas that are susceptible to inclement weather, especially hail.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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