Ridge Caps

Use Ridge Caps to Cool Your Home Unobtrusively

Ridge caps are probably the most unobtrusive, yet environmentally friendly way you can ventilate your home. Its simple but effective function, coupled with its low-profile form, can make it an ideal choice for homeowners who place a high value on both aspects.

A ridge cap is a metal piece that runs along the ridge of your home’s roof and serves as a vent for your attic. The space underneath the ridge cap is open to allow air to circulate in and out of your attic. A similar open space around the soffit area of the roof allows air to enter in the lower portion of the attic and rise as it heats up. The warmer air is forced out of the ridge cap, thus cooling the entire attic.

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Sunshine Contracting uses the following forms of roof ventilation (ridge caps) – click on each below to learn more!

Ridge caps are most necessary if your attic is being used as a living space. But even if it isn’t, the ridge cap can help cool your entire house by pulling hot air from all parts of your home and giving it a location to escape. The result is an all-around cooler home and lower energy bills. Ridge caps are a low-cost but highly effective home ventilation system.

A ridge cap can be installed on almost any type of roof but because of the way they look and work, they are best suited for gable roofs, which have a ridge that runs the entire length of the house.

Because they are often exposed to the elements, ridge caps are made of metal so they can better withstand heat, cold, etc. In addition, ridge caps are usually covered with the same type of roofing material used to cover the rest of your home’s room, allowing them to blend in with the rest of your home. This inconspicuous style means you don’t need large ventilation systems that most often cannot be customized to blend in with the rest of your house and can disrupt an otherwise seamless look.

The ideal ridge cap will also have an external baffle system which will not only keep out rain, dust, debris, etc. from your attic but will also change the pressure of the air as it flows over the vents. By changing the pressure of the wind that flows over from high to low, the ridge cap help increase the amount of air that gets pulled from the soffit vent through to the ridge cap.

There are several different types of ridge caps available including: Caesar ridge caps, which cover the peak of the roof; edge ridge caps with an internal support system; the high-ball ridge cap which helps prevent water from entering an attic at a particularly exposed section, and the standard hip ridge cap, which has become the most common form of ridge cap used by construction professionals.

The wide variety of ridge caps available, coupled with their practical but cost-effective function, make them a must-have for any home owner seeking to cut their energy bills down to size.

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