GAF Liberty Low Slope Roofing

GAF, the number one roofing company in North America, offers a variety of affordable, durable, and practical roofing choices. When looking for low slope roofing, there is no better company to turn to than GAF.

GAF offers a low slope roofing option that is safer to install and more environmentally friendly than typical low slope roofing. This is made possible with the self-adhering roofing system which can be applied without open flame, asphalt, or messy solvent adhesives. Not having to use these messier and more dangerous methods of low slope roofing also reduces the amount of equipment required for installation and decreases the unpleasant asphalt smell that is often associated with the application of low slope roofing.

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Other Information

Like most GAF products, their line of low slope roofing materials is guaranteed against material defects. The warranty is available for fifteen years, far longer than the warranties offered with most other low slope roofing options.

Other than being more pleasant for homeowners, GAF low slope roofing products are also frequently preferred by professional installers, who are not forced to work with tools or materials that can be harmful to their health. In most cases, GAF low slope roofs can be installed more quickly than traditional roofing systems and require installers to spend far less time cleaning-up or setting-up because so few tools are needed.

GAF low slope roofing products are available in seven standard colors that are created to match and complement all lines of GAF Timberline shingles.

GAF Liberty Colors

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