Eco-Star Composite

Homeowners concerned about the environment have begun turning to the EcoStar company for home improvement and home remodeling products that are closely aligned with their desire to live a “green” existence. Since its origins in the 1970s, the EcoStar company has produced a line of environmentally responsible products that are not only made from sustainable products but also help reduce energy consumption.

Sunshine Contracting offers the following EcoStar lines of sustainable and environmentally friendly products:

  • Majestic Slate
  • Majestic Slate Designer
  • Seneca Shake & Seneca Plus
  • Empire Slate

Why EcoStar Composite?

EcoStar is one of the market leaders in the roofing industry and its products can be the ideal choice for people that care not only about the quality of their roofing, but also about the quality of the global environment. All EcoStar products are manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials that create no unnecessary waste or pollution. And while may green products remain quite expensive, EcoStar roofing does not belong to that category. With simple installation and amazing properties, this is the right choice for the 21st century.


Many firms are now investing into green technologies, but EcoStar stands above the rest of the competition in many respects. Their roofing is manufactured with the use of recycled plastics (TPO) and rubbers (EPDM) that provide amazing properties without harming the global environment in any way. This is real sustainability – unlike numerous companies, EcoStar does not offer promises – it offers actions. Its long-term commitment to environmental causes is obvious – and it certainly is not going to change anytime soon.


Understandably, customers might be worried about the durability of EcoStar roofing. After all, most of them never had something like that before. Well, there is no need to worry about anything! EcoStar roofing has to undergo rigorous testing before it can be sold and it has to be said that can easily outperform many of its competitors. Enhanced resistance to extreme weather conditions like wind, rain or hail is guaranteed. And the generous warranty that is provided by EcoStar shows just how much the company believes in its products.


EcoStar roofing comes in various shapes and sizes, so it can be installed on all kinds of buildings and constructions. Environmentally-friendly automatically equaled to ugly just a few years ago – but much has changed since then. In fact, green products (and that includes EcoStar roofing) are usually beautifully designed these days. Most EcoStar products are actually also available in eleven stylish colors, so your home will get the treatment it undoubtedly deserves. EcoStar roofing is just like your standard top quality roofing – durable and stylish. However, it also has a rather significant green twist to it. So if you want to do something positive for the environment without having to go for one of the more unorthodox options, you should definitely consider EcoStar. Since the company also offers numerous accessories that go well with its roofing, you can get the complete package of products from EcoStar. Indeed, the EcoStar company has become the leader in the sustainable roofing materials industry, providing a wide variety of shingle and shake styles that combine beauty, affordability and, yes, environmentally friendly materials. EcoStar has become the top manufacturer of roofing products designed for steep-slope houses. EcoStar creates green roofing products that utilize new plastic and rubber technology, making roofing materials that provide durability and performance, yet remain flexible to conform to nearly any surface. These durable roofing also offer protection against harsh elements no matter where you live, with a wind warranty of up to 110 miles per hour and an impact resistance Class 4 rating. Along with their 50-year warranties, EcoStar products are in a class by themselves. EcoStar products have become a favorite of architects, builders, construction professionals and homeowners alike. Each has found the EcoStar line of products to be the answer their desires for products that are long-lasting, visually appealing and, above all, environmentally friendly. EcoStar products shine above the rest and combine the best of several important roofing features.

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Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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