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If you’re looking for a way to help your home stand out from the other houses on your street, you might want to consider cedar shake roofing. Natural cedar shingles are both attractive and durable and give a rustic look to any home. At Sunshine Contracting Corp., we carry the Anbrook brand of shingles. Available in a pleasing variety of styles and colors, there’s a cedar shingle roof out there that’s perfect for your home.

Despite being made from wood, cedar shingles can be made extremely fire-resistant. They also offer excellent insulation properties for savings on your heating and cooling bills. With the right treatment, we can provide a warranty of 40 or even 50 years on your cedar shingles. That means the cedar roof we install on your home today is still protecting you and your family decades from now!

Turn to Sunshine Contracting Corp. for Your Cedar Roof

Installing a cedar roof shouldn’t be left up to just any contractor. Cedar shingles require special attention when installing to avoid breaking them. Inexperienced contractors who aren’t familiar with cedar shingles may not provide you with the clean and reliable installation your home deserves.

With over 20 years’ experience in the roofing industry and hundreds of cedar roof installations in communities across Arlington County like Alexandria, Ballston, Clarendon and Shirlington, our highly-trained team of bonded and insured installers can be trusted with your new cedar roof. From the moment you contact us, we give your project the care and attention it deserves, following these steps:

  • We visit your home to inspect your current roof and determine what is required to remove your existing shingles and prepare your roof for cedar shingles.
  • We sit down with you and discuss your requirements and expectations regarding style, color, appearance, finish and budget.
  • We prepare a detailed, no-obligation quotation to explain the project, materials, timing and budget so you can make up your mind.

At Sunshine Contracting Corp., we’ll never pressure you. It’s not the way we do business. We’ve built our reputation as a trusted partner for a broad range of home remodeling projects, including cedar roof installation, and want you to be confident in your choice.

Are Cedar Roofs Suitable for Arlington County?

Some of our customers ask us if cedar shingles are suitable for the local Arlington County environment. The answer is “Yes!” We have installed cedar roofs all across the County. When treated correctly, cedar shingles offer excellent protection for your home all year ‘round. They can resist water, snow and wind when properly installed by our expert technicians.

We invite you to give us a call or contact us online to discover more about our cedar roof installations. You can check the comments on our Reviews page to see how our previous customers have been satisfied with our quality materials, professional attitude and class-leading service. We’re ready to give your home the custom cedar roof that will transform it into the most attractive house on your street!

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