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When it comes to replacing the roof of your Alexandria home, you want to choose a contractor you can count on. At Sunshine Contracting, we have over 20 years of experience serving Alexandria’s homeowners. Our team of experts can install a number of different types of roofs and ensure your home is fully protected from the elements.

Types of Roofing

Did you know that there is a wide variety of different shingle options for your home? Asphalt is the most common material that shingles are made from, but it is far from the only choice. When replacing your roofing, you want to be sure you choose the shingles that are right for the job. We work exclusively with brands we trust, so we know the roofing will be the highest quality.

In addition to the standard asphalt shingles, we also offer:

  • Quality cedar shake roofing: Cedar shakes are beautiful and durable. They’re available in medium and heavy weights, and you can also have them pressure treated or fire treated. We offer warranties for 40 or 50 years, depending on the weight you select.
  • Architectural style roofing shingles: In addition to being more visually appealing than standard asphalt shingles, architectural shingles are also more durable. They’re made with a heavier material, so they can better resist wind damage and temperature variations.
  • Designer shingles: Designer shingles are durable and can give your home a unique look — without the added cost of other roofing options, such as slate. You can choose from several GAF Designer Series shingles as well.
  • Three tab shingles: Three tab roofing shingles come in an array of designs and colors, so you can select the option that best complements your home’s exterior. They are made of multiple asphalt layers as well as fiberglass, so they are highly durable and cost-effective.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

In the end, all roofs end up wearing out over time. How long a roof will last often depends on the quality of the roofing and where the home is located. Roofing that is consistently exposed to inclement weather will wear out quicker than roofing in milder weather. It is important to plan accordingly and get your roof replaced before it’s too late. If an old roof isn’t replaced before it wears out, your home could suffer from significant damage. One way to prevent this is to recognize the warning signs that your roof may need to be replaced. A few of the most common indications that it’s time to replace your roof include:

  • Missing shingles, or shingles that are curling or not uniform.
  • Unevenness, or peaks and valleys in the roof.
  • Pieces of shingles coming off the roof.
  • Water damage in your ceiling or attic. When you see this, it’s important to get your roof replaced quickly, as the damage will only grow worse over time.

How We Replace Your Roof

How we replace your roof is important to the overall quality of your new finished roof. Our replacement process takes numerous steps, all of which are performed by trained professionals. This is why we are the number one choice for roof replacement in Alexandria.

We start by removing your old shingles and replacing any damaged plywood underneath. We then apply numerous weatherproofing shields and moisture barriers and install custom flashing and a ridge vent. Finally, we will replace your shingles, ensuring your new roof is set to last.

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