Leaf Relief

PlyGem’s Leaf Relief system utilizes the patented Aluma-Perf system that allows water to flow freely. Leaf Relief is a solid aluminum grating system that permits water to flow freely while debris is kept out. The leftover debris is then easily blown from the gutters by a mild breeze. Leaf Relief is made from durable aluminum, able to withstand extreme conditions, including heavy snow, high winds and ice. Leaf Relief can even withstand winds of up to 110 mph! It has the ability to drain up to 29.7 inches of water per hour and is virtually invisible from the street level. The Leaf Relief system is also able to resist damage from bugs, birds and squirrels.

Trained and Certified Installation

Sunshine Contracting is a PlyGem Leaf Relief Certified Installer. In order to get this certificate, Sunshine Contracting employees took an educational class and subsequently had to pass an installation test. When you hire Sunshine Contracting to install your Leaf Relief System, you can take pride knowing that we are installing it to manufacturer specifications.

Awards & Certifications

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