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The team at Sunshine Contracting commits to exceeding your expectations. Our in-house contractors complete every exterior remodeling project with care to ensure our high quality standards are met every time. That’s why the Better Business Bureau rates us with an A+, placing us among the top gutter companies in Aquia Harbour.

Most counties in Virginia receive about 43 inches of rain per year. Over time and without a diversion system, that rainwater can damage your home’s exterior — or even its interior if it causes soil instability and basement flooding. A gutter system protects your home from that water damage, so it’s important to keep an eye on your gutters’ condition. If they’ve seen better days, contact Sunshine Contracting to learn about your options for gutter replacement in Aquia Harbour.

Are Gutters Important?

With proper installation and maintenance, gutters collect rainfall and divert the water away from your home to protect its exterior and foundation. They also help prevent basement flooding and improve soil stability.

If you’re planning various exterior renovations for your home, your gutters might take a backseat to more dramatic updates. However, letting your gutters fall into disrepair can let water damage the things you’ve already improved — and those you haven’t gotten to yet. Replacing your gutter system first keeps your new siding, masonry and trim safe.

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

Gaps and damage can make your gutters leak. When your gutters underperform, your home is at an increased risk for water damage. Most homeowners will have to replace their gutter system every 20 years, though using materials like copper can extend its lifetime to 50 years. Ultimately, your gutters’ lifetime depends on the initial installation and the regularity of their maintenance.

We recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. During that task is the perfect time to make sure your gutters are still in serviceable condition. If you see any of the following damage, consult a professional to see if it can be repaired or if you need a new gutter installation:

  • Corrosion
  • Sags
  • Dents
  • Holes
  • Disjointed sections

Gutter Replacement Services in Aquia Harbour

Most gutter systems consist of small segments pieced together to fit your home’s approximate dimensions. At Sunshine Contracting, we do things differently. Our team assembles your gutters at your house, which lets us build the system to fit your home perfectly. Fewer segments mean there are fewer places for gaps and seams to cause leakage. Our proprietary approach ensures that your new gutters work as effectively as possible.

Though various elements can change how long it takes to install your gutters, we complete most replacements in two days. Your family will enjoy minimal interference with your routine.

What Are My Gutter Options?

When you update your gutters, you have several options. There are various materials, designs and debris protection measures available to meet your property’s needs. We encourage our clients to book a consultation at their home. After looking around, we can offer an expert recommendation.

K-style aluminum gutters are a popular choice for gutter installation in Aquia Harbour. Aluminum isn’t subject to rust, which weakens gutters and creates holes, and K-style designs are an excellent fit for various architectural styles. Copper and PVC are other common materials, and we also provide half-round gutters for clients who prefer this design.

As a Leaf Relief Certified contractor, Sunshine Contracting offers several leaf protection systems as well. Installing debris protection keeps leaves and other foreign objects out of your gutter system so it can work as effectively as possible.

Select Sunshine Contracting as Your Gutter Contractor in Aquia Harbour

Contact the team at Sunshine Contracting for more information about scheduling a new gutter installation in Aquia Harbour, Virginia. All our technicians receive comprehensive training, and we back our work with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

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