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Porches are where families gather on warm summer nights to talk about the day’s events, to take a break from the barrage of television and to chat with neighbors. They are where futures are sometimes planned and twilight years are spent. And even after decades of existence, they have not lost their appeal as they continue to be popular additions to homes both old and new.

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While porches are best known as features on the front of a house, innovative homeowners have positioned them on the sides and back of a house as well, wherever the housing feature can serve the best purpose. Some porches, in fact, run almost completely around the house, beginning in the front and continuing around to the side. Because porches are covered living area (but not walled in), it’s often architecturally sound to have the structure match the rest of the house.

We will also consider the type of material to use when constructing your porch. If you’ve decided on a prominent front location, it would be aesthetically beneficial to match the material that comprises the majority of your home (brick, wood, etc.). In addition, if you’re using wood, you should also select a wood that matched the type of wood used in your home itself.

At Sunshine Contracting, we install quality porches throughout Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford County.

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