Progressive Foam ProFold Fanfold Insulation

Progressive Foam’s ProFold Fanfold Insulation is Sunshine Contracting’s fan-folded underlayment of choice. We can pair this insulation with any siding you choose and it will provide increased energy savings! You are probably unaware that your home has the potential to have several hidden energy leaks throughout the walls of your home that are increasing your energy bills every single day. The Progessive Foam ProFold Fanfold Insulation has three main benefits:

Energy Savings

Energy Savings – adding the ProFold Fanfold Insulation underneath your siding will increase the energy efficiency of your home by lowering your heating and cooling costs. In the Winter, it keeps the heat inside your home, in the Summer, it keeps the cool air inside your home. Adding ProFold Insulation can help dramatically reduce the thermal bridging occurring in your home now.

Before ProFold

After ProFold

Other Information

  • Increased Durability – ProFold Insulation doesn’t just help you save money on your energy bills, it also protects you from termite damage. ProFold contains Preventol Tm EPS. This is a systemic insecticide that protects the foam insulation from termites. This product is safe for your home and for installers because the active ingredient is used in such a small dosage.
  • Enhanced Appearance – ProFold helps enhance the appearance of your home by leveling the wall for the installation of siding.  Often times, new siding follows the previous inconsistencies of the existing home, but by installing ProFold you are able to hide those inconsistencies and create a level surface for the installation of your new siding.

Financing Available

Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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