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Picture Windows Can Be a Picture to a New, Energy Efficient Home

If you long to picture your home with a whole new look, picture windows may be the feature that can change your outlook on the world. With its prominent location in your home, a picture window can provide you with a new view of the world and provide a focal point for people viewing your home.

Because of the nature of picture windows, there is no one set size or shape for them. Picture windows can be as unique as the homeowner and home allows. Depending on the shape, dimensions and area of your home, your picture window can take on many forms.

Framing an Amazing View

Picture windows can be a single pane of glass, a casement and picture window combination with three panels, a picture window with double hung windows on either side, or a picture window with gliding panels on either side.

A picture window can be adorned with an arched window on top of a classic look or a bay window that extends out from home and creates a one-of-a-kind space. Add other elements such as window dressing and the picture window can be the focal point of your home viewed from the street or even inside.

Because of the size and location of most picture windows, it is important that they contain special environmental or “green” elements to make your home work as efficient as possible. Picture windows hold a prominent place in the home and have much to do with how the home “feels”.

Taking in the Morning Sun

In many homes, picture windows are often positioned to take in the morning sun, which means the window may get many more hours of sunlight hitting it than most other windows in the home. For this reason, a UV, or ultraviolet, coating is a must for picture windows. This special coating can reduce the amount of the harmful sun’s rays that come into your home. Since picture windows are often positioned to look into the living room, and many of the most expensive pieces of furniture are found in the living room, cutting down the harmful rays can prolong the life of your expensive furniture.

It is also important that picture windows be secure to keep the effects of heating and air conditioning in the home. By using an energy efficient picture window, particularly one with an Energy Star rating, you can cut heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent.

Enhance the Appearance and Value of Your Home

A picture window is the focal point of your home, the main feature that greets visitors to your home and your own vantage point to the outside world. The right picture window can not only enhance the appearance of your home but raise the value as well. Take the time to select the right picture window to give your home the finishing touch.

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