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Sunshine Contracting has been a part of dozens of group and neighborhood projects throughout its over 20 years in business. We enjoy being able to help a community come together and get projects done at a fair price. We have done group projects in cities like Alexandria, Fairfax, and Falls Church just to name a few.

(Scanned copy of The Washington Post article Sunshine Contracting was featured in for their coordinated group project in the Hickory Farms community in Fairfax, VA, featured in the “Where We Live” section)


Previous group projects include the Hickory Farms neighborhood in Fairfax, VA off Burke Station Road. In 2003, this close niche community got together to get a group rate for replacing their driveways because they were tired of everyone getting individual estimates and getting a large variety of different prices. This driveway group project worked out great and they were very happy! In 2004, the community did the same for exterior remodeling since all the homes were built at the same time by the same builder, so they had the same problems. They were looking at replacement windows, siding and roofing since all the homes were 26 years old at that point. There are 4 basic models in the neighborhood, all 4-5 bedroom colonials, split level and split foyers. That Summer, out of over 200 homes, we did work on 176 of them and we continue to do work there today.

Another group project that we are very proud of at Sunshine Contracting occurred in Alexandria, VA. This community consists of dozens of million dollar homes who were interested in getting group rates to replace their roofs. The community started off with 25 roofing contractors and conducted very in depth, thorough meetings with each of them to ensure that they were getting the best quality materials, warranty, experience and the best installation possible. Out of those 25 roofing contractors, Sunshine Contracting was chosen! The following review was from one member of the community:

“Simply perfection from beginning to end! We have never in 30 years had a better experience than Sunshine, Ryan and his employees! Bravo for customer satisfaction, no one but Sunshine remembers the customer! Great presentation, Ryan has an excellent product and is very knowledgable. Our homeowners chose Sunshine over 25 other contractors! Sunshine and the employees exceeded all of our expectations! We would and will recommend Sunshine to everyone we meet, it was a privilege to work with everyone who works at Sunshine. It was the best contractor our group of homeowners has had an experience with and we applaud their dedication to customer service! Customer Service, it is a forgotten, selling point and the most desired. “

If you are interested in organizing a group project with Sunshine Contracting or would like Sunshine Contracting to bid on a large project in your neighborhood, please contact our Vice President AJ Lemaitre via e-mail: She will be happy to assist you and together with owner Ryan Sabo we can work to get your neighborhood the best deal possible with the best products available!

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