Roofing Glossary

Apron Flashing:  a piece of aluminum placed where the roof intersects with siding on the front portion of the home and is used to prevent water from penetrating

Architectural Shingle:  a shingle that gives a dimensional look

Blistering:  when roofing materials bubble up – typically related to moisture problems

Blow Off:  when a shingle gets blown off the roof due to high winds

Bundle:  a term used to refer to a package of shingles – there are typically 3 bundles to a square

Caulking:  a material that is used to waterproof and seal edges

CDX Plywood:  plywood used at the base for all roofing underlayments and shingles

Class “A” Fire Rating:  the highest fire-resistance rating for roofing

Cricket:  a peaked structure that serves as a water diverter and is typically installed behind chimneys

Decking:  the underlayment over which the shingles are applied

Dormer:  a raised roofing portion the extends over a larger roof

Drip Edge:  a piece of material installed beneath the shingles along the roof edges to keep the shingle in place and to ensure that water flows over the shingles and into the gutters rather than behind the fascia board

Eave: the horizontal edge of the roof line – it is also the lowest part of the roof

Fastener:  materials used to secure the roofing to the decking, typically coil nails and staples

Flashing:   metal that is placed at intersections to prevent water penetration

FRT Plywood: Class A Rated plywood used in townhomes only – all roof decking materials lay on top of this plywood

Gable:  a triangular end of an exterior wall – lies under the sloping roof

Gable Vent:  a vent found on the end of the home in the gable portion of the home and is used to ventilate the attic allowing hot air to escape

Hip Roof:  a roof with four planes that come together at the top and separate down into four separate sections

Ice Dam:  when snow melts on a roof and then re-freezes along the eaves

Mansard:  a practically vertical roofing section typically on the front and rear of homes

Pipe Collar:

Rake Board:  the board that runs up along the roof edge

Ridge:  the highest intersection on the roof

Ridge Vent:  a product used over the ridge to improve attic ventilation

Roof Louver:  a rectangular shaped vent on the roof which allows hot air to escape from the attic

Slope:  the degree of the roof incline

Starter Strip:  the first row of shingles installed

Step Flashing:  metal material that is installed at sidewalls to prevent water from penetrating

Square:  a measurement of siding that equals 100 square feet

Tear Off:  removal of the existing shingles and decking material

Three Tab Shingle:  the most popular type of shingle – lays flat and gives no dimensional look

Underlayments:  the materials that lay underneath the shingles and includes plywood, felt paper, ice and water shield

Valley:  the area where two slopes of the roof come together to form a depression

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