How to Prepare for New Roofing Installation

Thank you for choosing Sunshine Contracting to replace your roofing! We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to install your newly purchased investment. In preparation for your new roofing, please review the following items in order to ensure installation day goes as smoothly as possible.

Arrival and Departure Times

Our roofing crew typically arrives between 7:00 am ā€“ 9:00 am, unless otherwise noted by the production manager. If you have any questions during the installation, please speak with our crew chiefs on-site or call the production manager in the office.

Material Delivery

Once your contract has been received, our Production Manager will order all the material and give you a date of when the materials will be delivered to your home. On the day of the material delivery and the day(s) of install, please keep your driveway clear. This allows space for the supplier to deliver the materials on your roof and allows our roofing crew an open area for their trailer to catch all the old roofing debris. If you live in a townhome, please tell us in advance which parking spot is designated for your home.

During Roofing Demo

We recommend turning off your HVAC system during the demo of the existing roof to help prevent any damage to the system outside of the house. This is usually the first couple of hours of the project.

During Roofing Installation

During install, it will be loud inside the house ā€“ this is because of the vibration and noise incurred from removing old shingles and/or damaged plywood. Please remove any valuable items hanging on your walls as the vibration may cause them to fall. We are not responsible for any damaged items or nail pops because of the vibration. Your roof should be installed in one day unless otherwise noted by the Production Manager or if there is a weather delay.

Clean Up

Once the roof installation is complete, our crew will do a final walkthrough of your property with a nail magnet and will clean up all remaining debris and nails as much as possible.

Completion & Payment

Our production manager will call you once the installation is complete to make sure you are fully satisfied with the work and to inform you of the remaining balance to include any additional costs if the plywood was replaced. Thank you for your business!

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