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How long has Sunshine Contracting been in business?

Sunshine Contracting was founded in 1993 in Northern Virginia. The original company owner still owns and manages Sunshine today. The owner of Sunshine has a comprehensive knowledge of the home improvement & remodeling industry. That profession knowledge and passion for your home, and our industry, is the common thread that joins all Sunshine employees.

Is Sunshine Contracting licensed and insured?

Sunshine Contracting is fully licensed and insured. We are a Class A Building Contractor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the highest level of licensing available to us. We have our licenses in Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudoun County and the city of Alexandria.  We are fully insured and carry a General Liability Policy, as well as Workman’s Compensation Insurance. You can see copies of our licenses and insurances here.

Is there anything I need to know or do to prepare myself for our home improvement project?

Yes, Sunshine Contracting likes to prepare our customers of what they can expect before, during and after their project installation. At the first initial contact after received your work order, your Project Manager will email you our “Pre-Installation Prep” letter to prepare you for your new home improvement project in order to ensure installation day goes as smoothly as possible. You can download a copy of the “Pre-Installation Prep” letter for your specific project here.

What are important factors when looking for a home remodeling/improvement contractor?

Professionalism and experience are the key factors to consider when choosing a home remodeling/improvement contractor and Sunshine Contracting offers both of these to those wishing to add on to and beautify their home. Sunshine Contracting has experience in many of home improvement/remodeling that most customers want done: roofing, siding, windows, etc. Sunshine Contracting has intimate knowledge of almost aspect of the housing industry: the style, the materials used in construction of your home, etc. We can determine the proper procedure and type of materials needed to complete the job given your home’s location and the surrounding environment. Sunshine Contracting can give you options (rather than try to push you in only one direction) and provide an estimate of the cost of completing the project.

When will my home improvement project start and when will it be completed?

Our written proposal states an approximate starting date and an approximate completion length of your job installation.  All starting and completion dates are approximate and subject to delays caused by circumstances and conditions beyond Contractor’s control including but not limited to strikes, material shortages, fire and flood, and other acts of God, or by delays caused by the owner.

Who will supervise my home improvement project?

Each and every home improvement project that Sunshine Contracting does is overseen by a highly knowledgeable and professional Project Manager. Shortly after you approve the contract, you will be contacted by your Project Manager to introduce their self as your main point of contact and answer any questions you may have. They will be your primary contact for all phases and you will be given your Project Manager’s cell phone number so that you may contact him any time you have the need to do so.


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