Decking Glossary

Baluster:  a vertical support used in railings

Beam:  a piece of decking that goes between the posts and supports the joists

Cap Rail:  a piece placed on top of the railing to give it a finished look

Composite Decking:  decking that is manufacturer from wood fiber and plastic and requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan

Decking Boards:  the floor of the deck

Fascia:  a board that covers the rim joists

Footing:  the below ground support for the decks posts

Joist Hanger:  a piece of metal made to secure the joists and attach to the home’s ledger board or a beam that supports the joists

Joist:  a piece of deck framing – it is sub-deck and is located directly beneath the deck boards

Lattice:  a piece of material that has a cross pattern of weaves strips typically used to privacy screens

Ledger:  a board that is attached to the side of the home and holds up one end of the deck

On Center:  a method of measuring the distance between two decking boards – measuring from the center of one to the center of the next

Post:  a vertical wooden post that is part of the footing and framing and supports the beam

Post Cap:  a piece that attaches to the top of the post to cover and protect it from the elements

Pressure Treated Wood:  wood that is treated with high pressure chemicals to preserve the wood

Rise:  the height of a step

Run:  the length of a step

Skirt:  covers the under structure of the decking

Stringer:  the piece of structure that supports the stairway

Sub-Structure:  all the decking construction that is located below the decking boards – includes the joists, hangers, ledgers, rim joists, beams, posts, anchors, and footers

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