Aluminum Fencing

Give Your Home a Sleek Look with Aluminum Fencing

An aluminum fence provides the best of both worlds for a homeowner, bringing effective security and a crisp, clean look to your home that will serve as both an eye-catching feature and a strong deterrent to crime.

Despite being relatively lightweight, aluminum fences are strong and durable. Special coating can make them resistant to rusting and they can be painted in almost any color, although black is the color of choice for most homeowners. The stark appearance of a black aluminum fence can give a home a smart, tailored appearance.



In addition to the look and durability of aluminum fencing, two other attractive options are the relative ease of installation and the price.

With regards to installation, aluminum fencing can be put up in a relatively short time. The homeowner should first determine the height of the fence they desire, then choose from the wide variety of styles available. While the majority of the fence may simply consist of sections with straight, homeowners can show their creative side when they select the gate. This section can be more elaborate with artistically curved pieces and other design options.

Aluminum fences get their security aspect from the points that are usually at the top of the fence. While these can seem ornamental in nature, they are actually fairly effective at deterring someone from attempting to climb over the fence.


Aluminum fencing is priced competitively and is among the most affordable fencing options on the market. Coupled with its durability, it can prove to be of a great value that also adds value to your home.

The sleek look of aluminum fencing can give your home a modern look and provide a instant upgrade even if the rest of your house is awaiting its renovation. Consult with Sunshine Contracting today to find out the aluminum fencing options available for your home.


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Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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