The vision of picket fencing surrounding a home is a classic part of the American Dream.  A fence serves several purposes in relationship to a home.  It serves as a boundary marker that designates property lines, it can provide security, and it can, of course, beautify a home and add a finishing touch.

Pressure Treated Wood Fences

There are several different types of fences available but the most popular and longest lasting are pressure treated wood fences.  Pressure treated wood is highly sought after by homeowners not only for its classic look, but for the durability the pressure treating system adds to the wood.  The process involves immersing the wood in a special liquid solution that acts as a preservative.  The wood is then placed inside a pressurized enclosure that forces the liquid deep into the fibers of the wood.  The result is a wood product that is highly resistant to bacteria and insects.  Pressure treated wood can last several decades before it needs to be replaced.

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Our Process

After setting up an appointment with one of the Sunshine Contracting consultants, we will come to your home to meet with you in order to get a feel for what you would like out of your fence and to evaluate your current fencing situation. Whether you want it for security purposes or to keep your dog in your yard, we will help you choose the right style for you. Once you have chosen a style and have decided to have Sunshine Contracting build your fence for you, our Operations Manager will be in touch with you to schedule material delivery and an installation date. Installation is typically done in one day and all trash and debris will be hauled away and you will be left with a beautiful new fence!

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