Why Is Proper Attic Ventilation Important?

The many benefits of attic insulation are well known, but the equally important benefits of attic ventilation are often disregarded. In fact, many VA homeowners are convinced that their attic should be completely sealed to cut energy costs, and it takes home improvement contractors in Virginia to tell them that good attic ventilation is just as important as good insulation.

Summer Problems

Without proper attic ventilation in summer, the sun-heated attic air becomes extremely hot and can damage the underlining of the roof as well as the insulation. What’s more, the hot air spreads through the attic floor into the rest of the home, making living conditions for those inside unpleasant, and sometimes also causing damage to objects. Virginia licensed contractors know the value of good attic ventilation and can prevent the scenario described above.

Winter Problems

Without proper attic ventilation in winter, moisture is much more likely to build up in your attic and from there to spread to the rest of the home, causing mold, and possibly damaging your electronics and furniture. Home improvement services can help you better ventilate your attic, preventing moisture from damaging your home during cold weather.

Attic Ventilation Systems

Sunshine contractors in Virginia provide Master Flow power attic fans, rotary turbine vents, and louver, which are easy to install and long-lasting. These will slow down the aging process of your roof, decrease energy costs, and prevent interior and exterior paint, wood frame, and structural damage. The energy costs will be significantly reduced.

Note that attic ventilation systems are best installed by professionals – if they are not placed properly they might be totally ineffective.

Attic ventilation is important, and if you’re thinking about doing home improvements, it should be one of your priorities. Sunshine contractors in Virginia are ready to help you install an attic ventilation system.

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