When to Replace Your Windows


Outdoor Window Photo with Reflection

We’d all love it if our windows would last forever, but sooner or later, those windows need replacing. Knowing when to replace windows in your home can be tricky, as they don’t always exhibit the traditional signs of wear like your roof or your carpet. You will also want to balance the benefits of new windows with window replacement cost. To help you make your decision, here are some signs that windows may need to be replaced.

1. Rotting Frame

A sure sign it’s time to replace a window frame and window is when the window frame is rotting, whether due to age, moisture, insect infestation or a combination of these. If you touch the frame and it crumbles away, or if it is extremely soft to the touch or cracking, you’ll need to replace the whole apparatus.

2. Cracks in the Window

Even if the frame is in good shape, if there is a crack in your window, you may want to consider replacing it. One crack may not seem like such a big deal, but in addition to being unsightly, it destabilizes the integrity of the entire window. This means more and bigger cracks are sure to follow. Also, whatever insulation your window provides will be compromised by any crack.

3. Window Insulation Is Ineffective

The main goal of your windows is to protect you from the elements while allowing light into your home. If your windows are providing inadequate protection, it’s probably time to replace them. If your interior windowpane is freezing cold in the winter or hot to the touch in the summer, it is probably not providing adequate protection. This can mean considerably higher energy costs over the course of the year, as it may require more energy to heat or cool your home. Therefore, the window replacement cost may pale in comparison to the increased energy costs, and you will definitely want to consider replacement.

4. You Are Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your home, any improvements you make that can add value to the home that is greater than the cost of the improvement should be made. This may well include windows. If you feel your windows are dated enough that new ones could make a real difference in the way potential buyers view the home, consider an upgrade.

5. You Don’t Like the Way Your Windows Look

There are a number of beautiful new styles of windows available today. In addition, many modern windows may be more effective at blocking UV radiation and insulating your home. Perhaps your windows were in style when you bought the home, but times have changed. Maybe you changed the look of your home and your current windows don’t fit in with your new décor. Whatever the case, brand new windows can beautify and add value to your home, so if you’re considering replacement, this could be the perfect time to go for it!

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