What Your Front Door Color Says About You

Front Doors - BlackYour front door is one of the first focal points most people will see when they look at your home. It may also be the busiest entry door on your property.

When choosing a replacement front door for your existing home or picking the perfect option for a newly constructed residence, you’ll want to keep several considerations in mind, from fit and security to architectural style and materials. You may also want to choose a front door that will say a lot about you and your family.

Why the Front Door Color Matters

Have you ever walked or driven by a house and noticed that the front door color seemed slightly off? What you experienced was the subtle, yet powerful, psychology of color and design.

The front door serves as a welcoming spot and tends to have the spotlight in most home layouts because it’s easy to find. But when the door is the wrong color, it can send off-putting messages to visitors and passersby. This doesn’t limit your palette, though — front doors come in all hues. It’s up to you to find a color that works with the rest of the house and gives off the right message.

Common Front Door Colors and Meanings

Colors can project emotions and embody feelings, so you’ll want to match your front door with the shades that will go with the rest of your home’s exterior and family’s personality. Here are some of the more popular front door colors and what they tend to say to the outside world.



What does a red front door mean? Generally speaking, red is a bold color choice that’s also bright, pleasant and energetic. A red front door says that your home is filled with enthusiasm and positive spirit. It can also be a sign of uniqueness and individuality.


Having a muted shade of purple could be just what you need for your front door. Purple signifies royalty and opulence, showing that your home has a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Blue remains a calm, welcoming color that often reminds people of the sky and sea. It’s tranquil and relaxing, making it a great front door color choice if you want everyone to know that your home is a place to unwind and recharge.


Bold and bright, yellow can be a fun front door color. If you lean toward lots of enthusiasm and optimism, consider a yellow shade for your door. Even a more muted, neutral yellow can add a pop of joy to your house.

Brown and Gray

Neutrals, such as brown and gray, represent positive color meanings. Brown can make people feel at ease, as if they’re walking into friendly territory. Gray denotes a sense of sophistication and traditionalism, as well as conservative good taste.

White and Black

If you enjoy making strong, lasting decisions, a white or black front door could be perfect. Black and white are definitive and classic colors, making your home seem clean, modern and elegant.

Bright and Unexpected Colors

The world isn’t an eight-crayon box of colors. Sometimes, people love to sport front doors with bright, bold colors such as merry oranges, lime greens and eye-catching lavender.

If you’re set on being a little different than the rest of the neighborhood, stand out with a whimsical front door color choice. Just make sure it’s harmonious with the rest of your house’s architectural layout and accompanying palette.

Find the Right Front Door for You

Beyond the color of your front door, you’ll want to make sure you choose a high-quality door made from a long-lasting material. Trust Sunshine Contracting to help you find a great entry door for your northern Virginia home. Contact us to set up an estimate today.

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